About Our Company

About DisoClean

More than 10 years of cleaning experience

DisoClean is a fully integrated cleaning services company that provides comprehensive, high quality and reliable cleaning solutions to residential and business clients.

Our diligent management and work ethic are central to DisoClean business philosophy and critical to delivering consistent, quality cleaning services. We pride ourselves on making each team member an expert and to provide the customer value in every clean.

Our Mission

We aim to be the preferred choice in the provision of cleaning services delivering reliable, quality, cost-effective cleaning solutions to our customers

Our Vision

To create a healthy environment for everyday living. All our team members are committed to the same core values and principles.

If you’re not happy, just let us know and
we’ll work to make it right

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Our Values

Our values are what drives us with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Simply, cleaning done correctly and efficiently.

  • Client Commitment: We are committed to satisfying our customers with superior quality, value and service.  As such we always value client feedback so as to improve our standards.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We are invested in sustainability throughout our operations including our cleaning products and processes. It is part of our commitment to our customers and the environment.
  • Excellence and Innovation: We re-invest our profits to provide training to our employees in order to ensure the high standard of service to our clients. We stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in eco-friendly products and technologies, allowing us to bring the best into our clients’ homes.
  • Sustainable Growth: We are dedicated to expansion while ensuring our employees are part of that growth through lower cost of our services and accessibility to our clients. As a cleaning company, we believe our future is dependent on being responsible stewards of the environment.